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A self-service (unstaffed) pre-school nursery room with toddler toys and a child-sized bathroom is available during the worship service. Down the Narthex (hallway), by the sanctuary, make a right at the Martin Luther window & it's the first door on the right in the next hallway.

Most recently, Sunday evening Bible Study looked at Everyday Spirituality, Discover a Life of Hope, Peace & Meaning, by New England Synod Bishop Jim Hazelwood.   

Described as "an invitation to honor ordinary experiences as holy ground. We don’t have to go to on a retreat or sign up for spirituality lessons – we can stay where we are and sense divine presence in what we do each day." 

Both books are available at the usual booksellers.

There is a regular Sunday evening Bible Study at 6:00 pm.


We recently completed a study of Words of Love: A Healing Journey with the Ten Commandments by Eugenia Anne Gamble. This book offers a new perspective on each of the commandments, and participants found it helped them shine the light of the gospel on everyday activities.

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